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26 Responses to “Help”

  1. Karla says:

    I ordered a package 3 wks ago and still have not received
    product. Thank you..

    • Response Team says:

      We are not affiliated with the supplement company if you have any issues please contact their customer support via their website.

  2. Jacklyn says:

    How do I order the products? I’d like to get started asap!

  3. christa says:

    I want to send my order of beta-mannan to Germany but your dropdown list does not make provision for Germany as a country. Is it not possible to have it posted there?

    • Response Team says:

      Please contact Alotek directly to find out if they will ship it to Germany. If they don’t simply substitute the daily recommended values of Aloe Vera extract and vitamin. Look for a high quality reputable company to supply the supplements.

  4. CHARALAMBOS says:

    I have just registered and i am interested for the HPV treatment but i cant find the cure you have promised.

  5. Frank says:

    Where is the book I ordered? How do I access it? Will it be sent to my email?

  6. lonides says:

    How do i cancel my membership?

  7. adriana says:

    I was diagnosed with HPV 2 years ago and i just cancelled my LEEP to try this treatment.
    I am currently on DIM- plus another natural remedy for boosting the imune system, can i start with Beta mannan while taking it?
    i want to start also with vaginal ovules ,is there any US company manufacturing aloe ovules ,or can i use something else ,maybe the Beta mannan itself ,please advise me i want to start the treatment right away!
    thank you!

    • Response Team says:

      Many ovules are designed to treat fungal or bacterial infections but not viral. You should research the specific ovules you are considering otherwise you can mix the Betamannan capsules with warm water to form and paste and apply them with a douche applicator.

  8. Danielle says:


    I ordered the treatment 2 weeks ago, but there was only a field to fill in my post code, and not an address. I am located in the Netherlands and would just like to make sure my order has gone through?
    thank you!

  9. Rosa says:

    how can I create a username and password so I can acces the information. My payment has been processed and I cant log in. Please help

  10. Response Team says:

    You need to login and click on members area

  11. angela says:

    Will I be charged a monthly fee? i was under the impression it was a one time payment of $19.95 for the book and supplements? HELP?

  12. F A says:

    I am not sure how to post or question here as that does not seem an option . How odd to pay and only be allowed to answer to others

  13. KHADIJAH says:

    I was diagnosed with HPV at the age of 19 and now I am 38 years old.I am now married and have never used condoms with my husband. Since there is no test for men, I would like to know after being cured of HPV by using beta-mannan and making other lifestyle changes, am I at risk of getting the virus again, since we are not sure if my husband has contracted the virus.

    • Response Team says:

      Once you clear your particular strain of the virus, most experts agree that you can not recontract the same strain. You could however contract other strains of the virus.

  14. Rafaela says:

    I ordered one bottle? should I of ordered 3 bottles? It’s a bit confusing stating that 3 bottles per month are required. Please let me know how many bottles I will need per month and how many pills should be taken daily.

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