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NaturalRemedyCures.com traces it’s roots back to 2004 when a small group of natural health enthusiasts stumbled upon a discovery.

They discovered a secret about the human body that allows it to recover from virtually any disease. This secret that is often overlooked by the medical community of today is that we must treat the root cause of a disease rather than treating a symptom (or result) of that disease. Treating the symptom DOES NOT eliminate the disease and almost always leads to creating another disease or condition!

We found something that actually works…

Since those early days we’ve proven time and time again with the help of people from all over the world that our natural methods to treat disease were more effective and always safer than the recommended treatments from modern medicine.

Since our initial successes in defeating disease using only safe natural methods we began a crusade to share up-to-date information and treatment methods to conquer many of the world’s most dangerous diseases and conditions.

Finding Your Hidden Powers…

Our philosophy is that most diseases come from an imbalance in the body. This imbalance can be chemical, emotional or physical in nature, but by treating the body as a whole from the inside out we can address the root cause of the disease and effectively eliminate it.

What not to do…

Most doctors do quite the opposite. The methods they use cover up one symptom only to cause complications or the rise of another symptom which must be treated. This leads to the dangerous cycle of drugs and surgery that many people find themselves in today. As the victim treats symptom after symptom their overall health begins to rapidly deteriorate.

Our Mission: To share natural treatments, home remedies and holistic cures with the public that are highly effective, fast and safe

We believe that almost all diseases can be cured naturally and we are committed to finding and sharing those treatments with you so that you can live a long and fulfilling life. You can help us in our mission by joining our community today and empowering yourself with your natural ability to survive and thrive.

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“The Power to Heal is within YOU!”

The NaturalRemedyCures.com Team

19 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Fei says:

    Is it ok to take different vitamins and supplements everyday? I’m taking vitamin A,E,C, Salmon oil and folic acid on daily basis. Please advice. Thank You.

    • Response Team says:

      As long as the vitamins are naturally derived and you don’t exceed the daily recommended dosage there are no reactions that we know of when mixing vitamins.

    • Treya says:

      I’m going to go a bit against the FDA-approved line and say that overdoses are not likely to happen, especially with wholefood or otherwise natural supplements. The daily recommended dosage is usually only abysmal compared to the amount you should take. Vitamin A is one of the very few vitamins with which you should be careful, but vitamin C is an example of those vitamins that you simply cannot overdose on. Vitamin D is something you could take ten times the recommended dose and, in some countries, over a hundred times. These are just examples, i urge you to find out some more about this yourself by searching for sources of information on natural medicine and homeopathic self-care. You might get positively surprised a couple of times 🙂

  2. Fei says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I’m a HPV victim CIN 1-2 infected.
    I’m just worry for having too much for long run. I’m taking antioxidant as well 1 capsule/day where it also contain most of the vitamins and folic acid i’m taking as surplus.

    Thank you.

  3. Matt says:

    What kind of test would my doctor give me so that I know I’m cured of hpv?

  4. charlotte says:

    my address has changed to where is this info going if I don”t have this home address anymore?

  5. Jonny says:

    Hi, I am on a few kinds of vitamins and herbs , also taking 35% h2o2 working very well for me, only i have noticed that i have an oral infection and was wondering what would work best for that , I am using tea tree for it now , also rinsing with h2o2 .

  6. Crystal says:

    In the book, it says to take 4 pills a day. On the bottle it says the serving size is 2 capsules.
    So, does that mean I overdose or does it mean to take 2 orally and the other 2 vaginally??

  7. Brenda says:

    Can not access my online account

  8. Penny says:

    I purchased the product online and it said I would have access then. I didn’t see anywhere on the page to go to downloads. I can’t access the product I bought at all.Evidently it isn’t coming by mail because it didn’t ask me for an address. So please instruct me on how to access what I purchased. Thank you, Penny

  9. ANGEL says:

    Where is the natural cure? Or this is a scam. I paid to get a response and now I have to pay AGAIN to receive the answer to the natural cure

    • Response Team says:

      Hi Angel,

      Please login to your account with the user name and password you created when you signed up. Once you are signed in you can access all the member materials.

  10. Domagoj says:

    Cannot download the product ??even though i paid and was registered.

  11. antoinette says:

    I paid for this and registered, now I have no access, I see others have this problem as well, I opened a ticket, so how long does this take, there is something wrong with your website.

    • Response Team says:

      Sorry, we had an issue with our login form and apologize for the inconvenience, we have responded to both of your support tickets.

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